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May 11 - June 3  2015


The final assignment in this Learning Circle:
We ask you to think about a new Children’s Right.

One you haven’t seen yet.

Think about it and find your own new right to add to the 54 already existing ones.

What can you do to ensure that your own identified child’s right is successful?


We invited you to choose for one of the options:

1. to present your new children’s right as a group in a creative way in the wiki.

 2. ‘the peerScholar way’: all your students will write an individual letter to Unicef,

describing their new children's right.


You can find the link to your school page or information on peerScholar
in this table:


Country School Option
Canada  1. Glenhaven senior PS  ----- 
Canada  2. Paul A. Fisher school   peerScholar assignment 
Nederland  3. Visser't Hooft Lyceum 1A  peerScholar assignment 
Nederland  4. Visser't Hooft Lyceum 1D  peerScholar assignment 
Suriname  5. Anton Residaschool  Group assignment 
Russia  6. OLE- club, school "7 keys"  peerScholar assignment 
Morocco  7. Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa  peerScholar assignment 
Nederland  8. Vechtdal College  Group assignment 







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