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May 18 - June 03  /  2015 


In these last weeks of the Learning Circles we like to receive your feedback

and learn how you experienced working together in this ‘world classroom’.


What went really well and how can we grow stronger?

Your tips and tops will help us to improve our Circles

and make the next even more successful.




Traveling together

you experienced so much!

Now we’re at the end of this journey.

But you will continue



and listening to

each other's stories


the rights of all children.


They are seen and heard,

far beyond this Learning Circle!



Click on your school name for your own evaluation page



Glenhaven senior PS
Paul A. Fisher school 
Visser't Hooft Lyceum 1A
Visser 't Hooft Lyceum 1D

Anton Residaschool
OLE- club, school 7 keys
Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa
Vechtdal College Hardenberg



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