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Manon van Herwijnen

Page history last edited by Manon van Herwijnen 6 years, 9 months ago


Manon is facilitator for the Dutch Learning Circles since 2013.

For questions about the Wiki or the Dutch Learning Circles you can mail:  manonvh22@gmail.com


Working and learning with so many students; the wiki's are our global classrooms in which we meet during the Learning Circle adventure. 

After my first study tour in January 2013 to Suriname, I've seen that pupils in my class really stepped into a bigger world, hearing stories of real children, far away and nearby. In the Learning Circles every child has a voice.

As a facilitator, I'm glad to assist all the teachers in the Circles. Wonderful to see how your students give meaning to the word 'world citizen', by thinking about the rights of children everywhere. 

Meet, share, think and wonder ... let's experience it together!




CuraƧao, with participants in the workshop 'Lot Learning Circles', september 2013




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