Vissert Hooft Lyceum


Hi everyone!,


On behalf of my class 1A, I wish everyone a very succesful and fun project.

Our school is situated in Leiden, an old university town in the Netherlands, we have our fare share of windmills and canals. The town is near Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, basically near everything since the Netherlands aren't that big.

Our class counts 27 pupils, 15 boys and 12 girls, all aged between 12 and 14. In the near future I hope you will all get a chance to get to know them better.



In no particular order (and because some people were ill, not all of them...):

Victor, Tjeerd, Tim, Thijs, Theo, Sarah, Samuel, Rob, Puck, Pien, Persephone, Michél, Max, Maas, Liv, Jesse, Jesse, Jelle, Jacomijn, Isabel, Florence, Felix, Ellen, Eefje, Demi, Bregje and Borg.


Here is a short informative clip made by some of the pupils.




Kind Regards,


Remme van der Nat, mentor 1A