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Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa

Page history last edited by LAYAT Abderazaq 7 years, 5 months ago


Teacher’s Letter:


                My name is LAYAT Abderazaq. I am 26 years old. I am a high school teacher of English at Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa High School. It is located in a small town in the South of Morocco. It is called "Assa". I have been graduated from the ENS and CRMEF in Rabat, which is the Capital of Morocco. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) and Language Awareness are among my personal interests. I have been attending different webinars, workshops, and conferences all over Morocco. Actually, I am an active member of two different associations which are MATE (Moroccan Association of Teachers of English) and MoRCE-Net (Moroccan Resource Centers of English Network).


                This is my third time to participate in Learning Circles with The Global Teenagers Project. It's been an interesting experience with such motivated students. This year, I am participating with some of our best students in our high school. I have explained and told them about the previous experiences I had with Learning Circles. They showed a great interest and excitement to be among you this year in this Learning Circle Children’s Rights 2015. So, I hope they will learn a lot and get to know other students from different countries all over the world. I wish them and all the other students the best of luck.


Keep up the good work  ^^__^^




Students' Letters:


Student 1:  Hi, my full name is MAHJOUBA BOUTOUMIT. I am 15 years old. I am a student at Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa high school. I live in Assa, Morocco. Assa is a small town in The Sahara (the south of Morocco). It is very nice. Its People are very kind. We have special clothes here for women. They wear "MALHFA" while men wear "DARAA". The Sahara is famous with the hot weather in Summer, and a very cold weather in winter. We are known by drinking a lot of tea. It is usually a small glass with big foam and a little of tea. Also, we are famous by a meal which is "COUSCOUSS", but we have another type of it. It is called "MABROUM". Now, I will talk a little bit about myself. My favourite school subjects are English and French.  I love everything in my life except my enemies. Happiness is my address. I am an honest girl; almost everyone likes me. I love my traditions, and I am so proud of my nationality and my origin. I want to participate in this project to learn a lot of things. I want to develop my English language. I would like to know you and I am very glad to introduce myself to you. THANK YOU 



Student 2:  Hi, my full name is Aabla BOUTAFSSOUT. I am from Assa, which is a small town in the south of Morocco. I am 17 years old. I am a student at Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa High School. I am a 1st BAC Experimental Science student. In my life, I like parking, entertainment and I hate jealousy and liars. My hobby is singing songs and dancing. In this project I will know much information and the goal behind is to communicate with you all.



Student 3:  Hi ! First of all, let me introduce myself to you. I am Nouhaila Bounhas. I am 15 years old. I study in Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa High School.  I live in Assa, which is a small town in The Sahara. My favorite habit is reading books. I like so much listening to music especially the songs of Maher Zain. I hate hypocrite people. I am curious, ambitious and funny. The reason which pushes me to participate in this project, it's simply to improve my level in the English language, and also to know other people from foreign countries.



Student 4:  Hi, my name is Elazza ELKTIF. I am 16 years old. I am a student at Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa High School. I have many activities for my life, for example: reading, listening to Islamic music ….etc. In my life, I like writing stories and I hate Math and Science. I have many friends, but I have one best friend. Her name is Aabla. Also, I have some enemies in my life. My favorite school subjects are English and French. I also like to learn all the languages of the world. My favorite sports are Tennis and Basketball. My favorite films are “Step Up” and “Sendrilla Story”. My favorite actors are Tom Cruise and Brad Pit. My favorite stories are Fairy Tales and the Princess Stories. My dream in the future is to be a film maker because I really love making films.



Student 5:   Hi, my name is Laila El-HARROUCHI. I am 16 years old. I am Moroccan. I am a first year student at Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa High School. I live in Assa. It’s a very small nice town in the Sahara, the south of Morocco.  I like reading, listening to Quran (The Islamic Holy Book). I sometimes like to listen to Islamic songs. My favorite school subject is French while my favorite food is cake.  I like to drink apple juice a lot. My favorite Moroccan film is “Class 8” because it teaches us a good lesson in life. My favorite color is Blue. I have a lot of friends, but only one of them who is my best friend. Her name is Afaf. She is very friendly, serious, and intelligent. In the end, my dream is to become a children doctor if God willing.



Student 6:   Hello! How are you my friends? My full name is Fatimatou RAGHAY. Please call me Fati. I am 16 years old. I live in Assa. It is a small city in the south of Morocco. I am following my studies at Oukba Ibnu Nafiaa High School. I am a 1st BAC student. I am 1, 59 meter tall. My weight is 52 kilos. In my free time, I like to exercise and play sport especially Basketball. I also like to surf the Net, but what I like best is reading books about Science, English, French, and Physics. There are many school subjects in school. My favorite food is fish while my favorite drink is orange juice. My favorite film star is Hrithik Roshan and my favorite singer is Maher Zain. I will be a doctor because I like to help people. What about you?



Here we are:




Our City (Assa): 




Our Traditions:



Comments (11)

JRobertson said

at 1:17 am on Mar 13, 2015

Sometimes we have an opportunity to ride a camel at the Toronto zoo, but it costs ten dollars to ride a camel for five minutes!

JRobertson said

at 1:15 am on Mar 13, 2015

Dear Mr Layat and class,
Thank you for the introduction. I was just wondering, have most of your students ridden camels before?
Here it is very rare

Ellen Vrolijk said

at 1:06 pm on Mar 11, 2015

Hello mr. Layat and students!
We loved reading about you! And the photos made for a lot of discussion.

Hendrik Karsodikromo said

at 10:17 pm on Feb 26, 2015

Thanks a lot. Now we know more about you.

Bob Hofman said

at 12:41 pm on Feb 22, 2015

Great work Mr Layat and students, would love to travel to Morocco and see your beautiful country with my own eyes>
Please remember to Not to upload full size camera pictures (2-5 Mb) and make your pictures smaller (50-100Kb).
Again we just love al the pictures, yet with the total web page size of 50Mb+, it means for some school with dial-up connections takes minutes to open on just 1 PC!
Thanks for you support!

teacher7keys@gmail.com said

at 6:04 am on Feb 20, 2015

My students have already read all the stories and now they're working with their own ones. So soon they'll post the comments here and introduce themselves too! Noce to meet you, Mr.Layat! Sure our students have lots in common!

LAYAT Abderazaq said

at 12:02 am on Feb 20, 2015

Thank You all for your nice words,
Yes, Sure we will post our photos soon

traci mohamed said

at 6:22 pm on Feb 19, 2015

Greetings! We are in group 8, from Toronto, Canada. You have amazing English skills. Hope to get to know you all better!

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 1:46 pm on Feb 19, 2015

Dear mr. Layat and students,
thanks a lot for the introductions. Will be great if you'll be able to post photos too.

LAYAT Abderazaq said

at 11:40 pm on Feb 18, 2015

it's our pleasure Sir,
Yes, it is indeed

Bob Hofman said

at 11:04 pm on Feb 18, 2015

Thank you for your introduction Mr. Layat and students.... amazing how much we can even learn from an introduction.
For me Morocco is linked to summer heat (I participated in the 2009 iEARN Conference in Ifrane)... but cold in winters..... cold as in freezing??
Greetings from Holland, Bob.

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