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Schoolpage Challenge 3-OLE- club, school 7 keys

Page history last edited by teacher7keys@gmail.com 7 years, 1 month ago

Please post your school/group contribution on this page.


The right to grow up safe.

Topic 1 :


“I feel safe”

We discussed this topic for an hour and we hope we’ve found all the necessary answers. In the very beginning we want to say some words about associations of a word “safety”. Each of us offered different ideas about safety; we decided to analyze the situation asking 100 students from our school.

The result is:

30% of children think that being in “safety” means to have a country/a place for living. The first image symbolizes the country as a security system where the family lives peacefully”



20% of children say that the best way of being in safety is having parents. The image is named - “Home, sweet home!”


50% think that just Peace is the most important thing nowadays. People must be friends and everyone is useful and very important for our world… JUST in this case people all over the world won’t be afraid of any challenges. We’re sure it‘ll help us to live getting pleasure from every moment of our life.



Our group came to the conclusion that people should be protected from each other, it’s terrible! New generation must do all the best to make changes! We’re teenagers, so we feel safe with our parents. But we all worry a lot, watching TV “News”. It’s awful to think about the way Mass Media controls public mind. We can just hope for the best. People should take off the “political glasses” and start thinking with the own brains making the own decisions! Is it?

In Russia we’ve got a popular cartoon for kids with a kind Cat Leopold.  His famous phrase is - “Let’s live friendly!”  We want to say the same to all people in the world!





I feel safe

I stay in the largest country, wonderful Russia

I observe Russian Mother Nature

We are trying live in peace


I stay in the largest country, wonderful Russia

I know everything about wars from the past

We are trying live in peace

We are kind and friendly nation


I know everything about wars from the past

It was the worst part of the Russian history

We are kind and friendly nation

And we shouldn’t forget our past!


It was the worst part of the Russian history

A huge number of people died in order that we can live in a peace

And we shouldn’t forget our past!

We must remember that we live on the same planet!


And we shouldn’t forget our past!

I observe Russian Mother Nature

We must remember that we live on the same planet!

I feel safe… 



Topic 2 :


After reading the text, we had a great discussion and we came to the conclusion that we can show everything that we feel in one phrase. This phrase has a huge number of meanings though it can be difficult to understand by someone

“If people spent more time watching the stars they would live another way. When you look deep into infinity you realize there are more important things then you think”

Let’s think about it…



We have carefully studied the conflict in Ukraine, firstly we put away all the emotions and we tried to look at the political views like professionals, we guess we got it even being just teenagers. 

The main parties are the United States, Russia and Ukraine. The conflict started in April 2014 and raged for months until Ukraine and the separatists came to a deal on September, 5th to halt the violence and to free prisoners. But the ceasefire never held entirely. Both sides used the relative lull to build up their forces and for months the rebels tried to seize Donetsk airport, a strategic and symbolic asset, from government forces.

And now we would like to tell you a variety of views on this issue from politicians.


“Following its annexation of Crimea, Russia intervened in different ways throughout the war in the Donbass region. Reports and statements by the US State Department repeatedly accused Russia of orchestrating the April unrest across eastern and southern Ukraine. Russia denied these reports. As the unrest escalated into a war in Donetskand Luhanskoblasts, Russia supplied arms, armored vehicles, tanks, and other equipment to the forces of the DPR and LPR. A significant number of Russian citizens and military men have fought in the war as volunteers, something that the leaders of the DPR and LPR admitted. Recruitment for Donbass insurgent groups was performed openly in Russian cities, using private and military facilities. Reports of direct Russian military involvement culminated on 25 August, when the Security Service of Ukraine(SBU) said that it captured a group of Russian paratroopers on active service in Ukrainian territory. The SBU released photographs of them, and their names. On the following day, the Russian Defense Ministry said these soldiers crossed the border "by accident".” This text was introduced in Wikipedia which was written by a neutral author.


At a press conference the President was asked a very interesting question that we have tried to translate with great accuracy:


“QUESTION: How do you assess the situation in Ukraine and around it? What can be the best way of solving the Ukrainian crisis?

Ukrainian crisis started not by the fault of Russia. It was the result of the US and its Western allies’ attempts - who considered themselves as "winners" in the "Cold War" - to impose its will everywhere.  A promise of NATO not to expand eastward was just empty words. We saw how NATO infrastructure is moving closer to Russian borders ignoring Russia's interests."

What about children in Ukraine…  No doubt it’s the main problem, they have to die, they have to suffer from hunger, and it’s awful.It seems to us that the most reasonable way now is to evacuate people or even finish all conflicts. Everyone should know that we must live in the world together! We live on the same planet! It's high time to stop endure all the hardships of war and understand clearly children suffer from adults political games.

Stop, FOR of all those who has already scarified their lives for peace. One more time we would like to tell… PEACE, PEACE, PEACE.








April, 15

Dear people, who can stop the war,


In our opinion war is the worst thing, that can happen with people! And it is terrible that it's happening in our world nowadays. War is a word, which destroy families, hurts innocent people... 
Every day we see the peaceful sky above our heads , and we don't think that some people in our world don't have the same opportunity. 

So, why do we have wars nowadays? What are the reasons for them? What do we want to prove and to whom? Ordinary people are not guilty, that someone can not solve international conflict peacefully, but they die! Wars take away children's childhood , kids see how their nearest and dearest die... And they can do anything, because they are just children. 
In May, 9 in Russia we celebrated the Victory day in memory of the World War II... And we remember all those who died for we have peaceful sky now! World War II took away many lives, many people lost their future... but for what!? There are no loosers and winners in every war... Is it so hard just to live... and let live... and thank heavens that you are alive? People, we have only one life, and it is not honest , that the war takes it. 

We can say a lot of words about this topic, but it doesn't matter because in this message we ask all ofyou about the only thing... People, who can stop the war, give children the right for a happy childhood! Do once and think twice ...

Topic 3 :

Before starting the design of the logo, we watched the video and discussed it with all the school!


 Children in the world ...
Every year more than 10 million children under the age of five die but that can be prevented.
More than 100 million children still do not attend primary school, the majority of them are girls.
It is estimated that 300,000 children are involved in wars.
149 million children, two thirds of whom live in Asia, do not get enough food to eat.
Just last year, about 31 million refugees and displaced kids live in war zones and have been forced to flee their homes and become refugees.



We also want to share the video we prepared for the topic.


Comments (4)

Bob Hofman said

at 1:44 pm on May 15, 2015

You're so right, all teachers should be 'World teachers' :-)

teacher7keys@gmail.com said

at 7:02 am on May 11, 2015

It was the most difficult challenge for my students. They're lucky not to know the situation of war and they're too young to understand clearly the political reasons of military conflicts. More over there is so much contradictory information in Ukrainian and Russian Mass Media about the present conflict in Ukraine. I think teachers must be beyond political and religious borders!

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 8:53 pm on May 10, 2015

Dear participants,
thank you for the significant results of this Challenge.

Bob Hofman said

at 11:05 am on May 9, 2015

Thank you for your wonderful contribution.. and indeed.. Let's live friendly!!

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